Your wedding day. You dream about it as a child. Your dream starts to become reality once you meet that certain somebody.  It will be a day like no other you have ever experienced in your life.  It is that important to you.

Partytime Music Services was envisioned and created to offer these Brides and Grooms an honest, caring, and blatently different choice for how they find the right DJ to provide the music for their special day in their lives.

At Partytime, we realize it is a privledge to be asked to take on this important role, and we understand that it is YOUR day, that we will cater to YOUR wishes.

At the end of this wonderful day, the look of satisfaction on the face of our clients, their families, and their friends, reminds us that this is why we treat this DAY just as importantly as you do.

- Request notes on your tables (if desired)
- Dancefloor lighting
- Wireless microphones in stands for speeches
- Back up equipment on site
...and much, much more

Online Planning - Easily access your OWN personal page from this website to communicate your wishes to us !!  You will have your very own Planner and Timeline Form, and quickly and easily make music requests, communicate directly with us, and even pay online.  It simply does not get easier than this !!

Its YOUR Day - Everybody has a different idea of exactly what they want for their special day..... To make it UNIQUE, and reflect the tastes and lifestyle of the couple, their families, and their friends.  At Partytime Music Services, it is OUR PLEASURE to work with you to suit your wedding ceremony, and your night of dancing, to what YOU want !! 

Your Ceremony - Not only will Partytime Music Services provide you with a night of celebration to be remembered for a lifetime, we can also provide a full range of services for your wedding ceremony, indoors or outdoors.  Flexible yet discreet sound systems, including wireless microphones, either worn or handheld, are available to be at your service. As for music, we can provide your choice of music during the ceremony, or even provide full sound support for your live musician, singers, or even a quartet. 

Planning a Tent Wedding ? - No problem .... In fact, we are set up to handle any tent wedding ... big or small.  Our wireless sound systems allow us to place speakers if needed at various points around the tent, as well as out on the grounds wherever your guests will be enjoying the warm summer evening. 


Your Guests and Your Family - Partytime Music Services has been in the business of wedding reception music for over 25 years.  It's what we do, and our reputation depends on our commitment to ensuring EVERY ONE of your guests fondly remembers your special day as the most perfect celebration they have ever been to.  The right mix of music, the right volume, and the right amount of experience .... all to ensure it will be a day like no other.  



Included at EVERY wedding reception ...


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NOTE - If we show no availability for your wedding date, please email us HERE as this is for our primary DJ Terry, and Jesse may still have availability !!!